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The quality of the image not preserved.

I had an image of 2MB size. After applying the Visage (free version), I got an image of size 200kB. I purchased the App as it was claimed that the quality of the image will be preserved. However, the image size this time was only 500kB, and not 2MB as claimed!
I shall expect the same size would be preserved for a high-quality print. Could you please let me know if I am missing something? Thanks.

Sam , 21.09.2016, 21:50
Response from the site administrator
Grebneva, 28.03.2017
Dear Sam, we are very sorry, we downsize the image size before uploading and analyzing them on our dedicated servers. To retouch an average size portrait image, our algorithms need to analyze several million pixels. This task is not that easy. The larger is your image, the more pixels need to be analyzed, so we just reduce the size to make the process faster.
We’ll do our best to improve the image resolution in the future.
Idea status: under consideration


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